Auto inspections

For the auto inspections this is focused on insurance claims. So if you damage your car and want to file an insurance claim they will take the pictures that insurance requires.


Get Your Auto Photos Auto Photos

receive a claim

Once you receive the claim, identify and note down the location of the car needing to be photographed.

Head To Fliq

Log into your Fliq account, enter the location of the car and our system will automatically start locating the closest & best photographer.

Access your photos

Your photos will be uploaded to the Fliqq platform as soon as they're ready. Making your inspection process even easier.

If you're looking for someone to take a look at a car before you buy, look no further!

Paul R. | Berkeley, CA


  1. Sign up & add credits To Your Account
  2. Choose the service you want & the location of the property or car
  3. We’ll find the best photographer for you and have our photos uploaded to your account within 48 hours.

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